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By Alexandre Leite Ribeiro do Valle, Daniel Stein, Fernanda P. do Amaral Gurgel e Rogério Damasceno Leal – Published by ABA – American Bar Association

A. Clean Record Law
On July 4 2010, Complementary Law No. 135/2010,1 popularly known as the “Clean Record Law,” was enacted, changing Complementary Law No. 64/19902 and dictating new parameters for the ineligibility of public elective offices in Federal, State, and Municipal spheres, aiming to protect the administrative probity and morality in the performance of public functions.3
This law resulted from the Clean Record Project, a Brazilian campaign that intended to improve the quality of the candidates in public elective offices. The law, which was signed by over 1.3 million Brazilian voters–representing more than one percent of the total Brazilian voters–was delivered to the Brazilian National Congress on September 29, 2009.4
Law No. 135/2010 has made ineligible State and Federal District Governors and Vice-Governors, as well as Mayors and Vice-Mayors who have lost their mandates for infractions to State, Federal District, and Municipal Constitutions, respectively, including those who have resigned from their mandates to avoid impeachment.5 (more…)



Published at: International M&A and Joint Ventures Committee Newsletter – December 2010

As expected 2010 proved to be a very wealthy year to Brazilian economy, with direct reflect into Merger and Acquisitions market. Recent researches show that the number of transactions has surpassed the record accounted in 2007 when almost 700 transactions were registered.

During 2010, without considering the month of December, 707 M&A transactions were held, representing an increase of more than 50% of the number registered during 2009. (more…)


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By – Alexandre Leite Ribeiro do Valle – Article – 2010

M&A market in Brazil is passing through a special and at the same time delicate moment in this first semester of 2010. Special because the economy is still booming (a recent report from Brazilian Official Institute of Geography and Statistics “IBGE” shows that Brazil has experienced the second higher growth of GPD in the world for the first semester of 2010) and the value of trades is higher than ever seeing, mainly in the Etanol and Agribusiness’ sector, where foreign companies are specially interested resulting in an increase of foreign direct investment from 7% to 20%.



By – Alexandre L. Ribeiro do Valle and Carolina Pett G. Gonçalves – Article – ABA International M&A and Joint Ventures – March 2010

Besides the international financial crisis, Brazilian market has registered a considerable number of M&A transactions during 2009 and as the beginning of 2010 indicates will register a higher number this year with the consolidation of some administrative and judicial decisions relating to M&A transactions and also with several changes in the related legislation. In addition, the world cup and Olympic games are already in evidence and pushing investors to carefully look at the Brazilian Market. (more…)

Poison Pills under discussion in Brazil

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Por – Alexandre L. Ribeiro do Valle – Fonte: Blog VML Advogados

Since 2000, Brazilian Government has started to review its corporate laws and capital market regulations in order to introduce greater protections for investors, abandoning, at some extent, the protectionism and State interventionism models that characterised the former decades when capital market was almost non-existent and popular savings had no significant role as a form of capitalising companies.


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