Published at: International M&A and Joint Ventures Committee Newsletter – December 2010

As expected 2010 proved to be a very wealthy year to Brazilian economy, with direct reflect into Merger and Acquisitions market. Recent researches show that the number of transactions has surpassed the record accounted in 2007 when almost 700 transactions were registered.

During 2010, without considering the month of December, 707 M&A transactions were held, representing an increase of more than 50% of the number registered during 2009. (more…)



By – Alexandre Leite Ribeiro do Valle and Carolina Pett G. Gonçalves – Article – ABA International Law News – Summer 2010 – Vol.39 n. 3

Our planet is suffering from the adverse effects of climate change.  These changes have affected all countries in the world in different forms and will continue unabated until the world’s population recognizes the seriousness of this environmental issue.  The readily apparent damage is, according to experts and environmental researchers, expected to worsen and cause further problems for the citizens, governments and non-governments organizations of the world.  Slowly, as recognition builds, a number of studies, strategies and political changes are being implemented to minimize the damage but every country must assume responsibility to alleviate this global crisis.



By – Alexandre L. Ribeiro do Valle and Carolina Pett G. Gonçalves – Article – ABA International M&A and Joint Ventures – March 2010

Besides the international financial crisis, Brazilian market has registered a considerable number of M&A transactions during 2009 and as the beginning of 2010 indicates will register a higher number this year with the consolidation of some administrative and judicial decisions relating to M&A transactions and also with several changes in the related legislation. In addition, the world cup and Olympic games are already in evidence and pushing investors to carefully look at the Brazilian Market. (more…)